Calvin Coolidge Alumni Association Inc.
30 Years of Service to the Community

James A. Scott, Jr. Ph.D.  |  Frank Jones, III  |  Barrington D. Scott, I

founding fathers, James A. Scott, Jr. Ph.D., Frank Jones, III,  Barrington D. Scott, I

Calvin coolidge senior high

The Calvin Coolidge Alumni Association, Inc. is an organization designed to enhance student life at a notable institution of higher learning. 

The Alumni Association’s major goal is to establish functional programs and activities that will support and are in accordance with Calvin Coolidge High as a District of Columbia public school to reinforce student education, academic support, career orientation, and college preparation. 

The Association is geared to enhance the existing guidelines and directions of the Board of Education.  Those directions include promoting student education, community development, drug abuse programs, academic excellence, teacher professionalism, and total school achievement. 

The Alumni Association will infiltrate the expanding metropolitan area to identify, establish, and maintain viable career networks to assist in visitations and field experiences of student members.  To reinforce the continuity of the program a major effort will be displayed to identify and maintain an active enrollment of Calvin Coolidge graduates as members of the Alumni Association.  The Calvin Coolidge Alumni Association will seek to guide memberships, student body, PTA, faculty, and community collectively towards student growth in a direction of excellence. 

  “Upward Mobility Through Academics & Unity a Winning Combination”

District of Columbia
founding fathers, James A. Scott, Jr. Ph.D., Frank Jones, III,  Barrington D. Scott, I

Ward 4 Councilmember Charlene Drew-Jarvis and Council Chairman David R. Clarke
Recognize Founders of CCAA with a Resolution as first in DC History!

Across the nation there are numerous college and university alumni associations that go back to their institutions.  But how many high school associations do the same?  Maybe a few.  And probably even fewer in the same fashion as the Calvin Coolidge Alumni Association, Inc., in Washington, D.C.

Established in 1987, the Calvin Coolidge Alumni Association, Inc. was founded on the principle of "enhancing student life at a notable institution of higher learning," says the organizations co-founder and current President, Frank Jones, III.  The other co-founders are James A. Scott, Jr. and Barrington D. Scott, I.

"A major goal is to establish functional program and activities that will reinforce student education academic support, career orientation and college preparation," Jones adds.

The purpose of the association is to “give back” to the students, school and community. The association plans to implement activities that represent an investment in the students that attend the school and the community of families and friends that support the school.  To accomplish the goals of the association, a major ongoing effort of locating and enrolling alumni has been key to the success of growing the organization’s membership. The association continues to support students by providing mentoring programs, assisting students with identifying career goals and providing college scholarships and financial assistance.

To this degree, upon the association's founding it established a partnership with Mentors, Inc.  Since 1987 more than 100 students have been mentored by members of CCAA Inc.

The mentors are alumni of Coolidge who spend time with the students in an effort to enhance the students' transition to either post-secondary education or entry level employment says Neil Faulkner, past president of CCAA Inc. and twice mentor of the year in 1992 and 1995.  "Spending time with the students provide opportunities to foster their self-esteem and decisions, making skills," Faulkner says. To honor Coolidge distinguished graduates, the CCAA Inc., annually host an alumni breakfast ceremony.

In addition to CCAA Inc.’s, participation in the mentor program the association annually partners with the entire school as hosting career day at Coolidge.  The yearly program occurs the second week in December and is  "ever increasing" says James Proctor of CCAA Inc.  "We take over the entire school and all of the student body participates," Proctor says.  He adds there are approximately 60 - 80 facilitators who address the Coolidge student body of approximately 900 students in groups of 25 to 30 students.

During the past 20 years of partnering with the school, almost 700 different mentors have participated in the career day experience. Some of Coolidge graduates include: business man and former publisher of the Regardie magazine, Bill Regardie; sportscaster Warner Wolf, former professional basketball player Kermit Washington; former professional football player Mike Butler; the late television producer Linda M. Marmelstein, whose shows and series earned Emmy awards; and the late architect at the Capitol Donald Gunnell, and Neil Shulman, Author of “Doc Hollywood” which later became a movie starring Michael J. Fox; Dennis (’61) and Phillip (’56) Ratner of the Ratner Museum in Bethesda, Maryland, Dennis found and CEO of the hair salon chain, Hair Cuttery and Phillip the sculptor with works at  the U.S. Supreme Court, Liberty, Ellis Island.


Who We Are and What We Do
The Calvin Coolidge Alumni Association, Incorporated, (CCAA, Inc.) is an organization which was founded in November of 1986 and incorporated on February 17, 1987. CCAA, Inc. prides itself on its adherence to the philosophy of ‘giving back to the community’. The Association provides mentoring programs for students and supports students in identifying career aspirations.

CCAA, Inc. is unique because it is a high school, community-based organization, steeped in diversity in Washington, DC. CCAA, Inc. strives to establish and maintain contact with high school students before graduation and continue to be a source of support to graduates when they return to their communities.  Every student is encouraged to join the CCAA, Inc. and bring their talents and gifts to strengthen the long-term mission and goals of the organization.

To become a member of CCAA, Inc. you must have attended Calvin Coolidge. Membership categories are Lifetime Member, General Member, Student Member and Affiliate Member. All new members receive CCAA By-Laws, Constitution, Mission Statement, Quarterly Newsletters, Membership Card, and Embossed Membership Certificate.

Annually, during the 2nd week in December, CCAA, Inc., partners with the school to host CAREER DAY AT COOLIDGE. CCAA, Inc. recruits alumni and professionals from the community to discuss their fields of expertise and educational background. Facilitators classify careers according to science, trade, civil service, health, and the arts. The students select two career seminars to attend. During the past 14 years of partnering with the school almost 1000 different professionals and mentors have participated in the career day experience. 

CCAA, Inc. in collaboration with Coolidge’s Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) has begun to plan for the opening of a new Parent Alumni Community Resource Center, to be located at Calvin Coolidge High School. The center will provide outreach programs, information and in-kind resources to improve and promote parental and community involvement within the academic environment at Calvin Coolidge High School. The center activities will include mentoring students, providing information and support to parents and sponsoring innovative training programs for Coolidge students, parents and teachers.

For the past 30 years, CCAA, Inc. has awarded scholarships to deserving seniors to aid in their post secondary education goals. The largest fundraising event of CCAA, Inc. is the Annual Alumni Scholarship Awards Breakfast held every October. Distinguished alumni are honored for achievements in their careers and communities. Although we honor our alumni, the main purpose of this event is to raise funds for scholarships. In 2007, we have the honor of presenting two additional scholarship awards, the Phyllis S. Wells Scholarship and the Joe Shamwell Memorial Award. 


Football Classic
football, blvd entertainment
players with trophy coach & team
coach and trophy   coach with trophies

The Calvin Coolidge Alumni Association, Inc.
& Theodore Roosevelt Alumni Association

The Annual Coach Samuel P. Taylor & Coach James Y. Tillerson Clash of the Titans Football Classic established in 1987.

The Clash of the Titans Football Classic concept was envisioned in 1986 by The Calvin Coolidge Alumni Association, Inc. founders, Barrington D. Scott, I , Frank Jones III and James A. Scott, Jr. as a way to build alumni participation, inspire team unity while building lasting friendships, to increase attendance at DC public school football games, and to honor the achievements and contributions of former Coaches Samuel P. Taylor, Sr. (Calvin Coolidge HS) and James Y. Tillerson (Theodore Roosevelt HS).

In the year of 1987, with the support and agreement of the Calvin Coolidge HS, Theodore Roosevelt HS principals, football head coaches, and the Calvin Coolidge Alumni Association, Inc. established the first "Clash of the Titans Football Classic. The first "Clash of the Titans Football Classic" trophy was donated by former Calvin Coolidge alumni "Fletcher Tensley" who also was inducted as a coach into the DCPS Track & Field Hall of Fame.

Each year the "Clash of the Titans Trophy" is presented to the winner of the game, who maintains it at their schools campus until the next game is played a year later. If one school wins "The Classic" three consecutive years, it will retire that trophy and a new one will be brought in to replace it, and the process will continue.

Both, the Calvin Coolidge Alumni Association, Inc. and Theodore Roosevelt Alumni Association® pick a panel of judges to select an MVP (Most Valuable Player) for the offense and defense. Calvin Coolidge HS was the first school to retire a trophy and now a new one has been brought in to continue the legacy. Thank you for your continued support of "The Clash of the Titans Classic".

Sincerely yours,

Barrington D. Scott, I
CCAA Founder & Classic Chairman

Calvin Coolidge Class of 1974 Reunion

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Boulevard Entertainment  LLC, clinton, md, class reunion Boulevard Entertainment  LLC, clinton, md, class reunion Boulevard Entertainment  LLC, clinton, md, class reunion
Boulevard Entertainment  LLC, clinton, md, class reunion Boulevard Entertainment  LLC, clinton, md, class reunion Boulevard Entertainment  LLC, clinton, md, class reunion

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