Muhammad Ali -The Man, The Legend, The Ambassador of World Peace – The Greatest 3 Times World Boxing Champion passed at 74 years of age. Thank you for being a Champion for all mankind! 

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Boulevard Entertainment provides full advertising, media and film work services.

The services are involved in planning; creating, and advertising, performing research and selecting media formats. 
Our services include strategic marketing planning, direct marketing promotions, interactive marketing, and website design and public relations.We customize our professional service to meet our client’s needs and overall outcomes. Boulevard Entertainment, LLC can help your company with web-based social networking, direct sales production, public awareness imaging, and mass Internet branding.  We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and cutting-edge technology to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


Back on and off the Night Shift 

ARSENIO HALL : Back on the Night Shift


Event Planning Company in Clinton, MD
Bootsy Collins and Daniel Lewis
Bring back the Funk

Ebony Magazine Limited Collector's Book & THE KING of POP Michael Jackson
Ebony Magazine Limited Collector's Book & THE KING of POP Michael Jackson

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Voice Over Marketing, Event Planning Company in Clinton, MD
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Boulevard Entertainment LLC Salutes Alaya Scott Ad Campaign of the Month.

Alaya Mae Scott

I'm not a bully

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"I've literally had, and have seen relationships fail and falter due to something as simple as lack of information."

Eco ‘the Author’ - is a Poetess, commemorated Songwriter, and now debut Author.  With her brand new book release entitled:
In Hopes of Perfecting Young Black Love - 22 Ways to Please Your Man.” Eco intends to share an intimate and compelling conversation about how lovers can actually keep their Love lives fresh, exciting, and new!

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